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At Maliekai Sports, we are passionate about paddle sports and everything that comes with it. We have developed our paddle sports products through necessity as we could not find anything that suited our needs. Our AMA Mate© racks are an easy-to-use system to strap your AMA to your cars racks without hassle and danger of damage.
We hope you like them.



Yes, AMA-MATE© has been designed with strong materials that withstand a great deal of force.

Yes, we designed the AMA-MATE© with OC-1 Outriggers in mind but it should hold an OC-2 and larger AMAs.

Yes, we deliver all our products at cost effective pricing through Australia. Contact us for International pricing.

The PADDLE-MATE bag has been designed to hold 2 paddles up to 51".

Contact us for more information if you would like to sell our products.

Keep an eye on this site as we plan to develop more paddle sports products.

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